Ull Stone

In the footsteps of giants


Ull Stone
6.4 miles
350m ascent
Mostly good paths
3hrs 45mins

Ull Stone

South Eastern Area OS Map OL7. Start grid ref: 461041

Park at Green Quarter or Kentmere Church and follow the Lowe Lane track towards Hallow Bank. Go up the valley to the Hallow Bank Quarter and rise up towards Nan Bield Pass. When you get to the shoulder of the ridge overlooking the Kentmere Reservoir you will see the Ull stone above you to the right.

After visiting the Ull stone, follow the track down towards the reservoir. Take the footpath over the footbridge, then go past Reservoir Cottage to the large track that leads to a metalled road taking you back to Kentmere Church.

Legend has it that the Ull Stone is half a dice thrown here by an angry giant, but in reality, its known as an ‘erratic’ – a boulder carried a long distance by a glacier and deposited in quite a different place from where it started. Sometimes big changes happen that are difficult to understand and everything feels out of control.
Just like the rock, you need to be able to see the big picture to make any sense of it and that can take many years.
Even though it doesn’t always seem like it, there is a long-term order in the chaos and in the Bible, we are promised that ‘All the earlier troubles, chaos, and pain are things of the past, to be forgotten.’