Piers Gill

Scafell Pike the explorers way


Piers Gill
4.4 - 5.8 miles
900m ascent
Rough paths
4hrs 15mins - 4hrs 45mins

Piers Gill

South Western Area OS Map OL6. Start grid ref: 187085

Piers Gill offers a dramatic explorers route up Scafell Pike away from the crowds. Parking at Wasdale Head, follow the route that goes up to the farm at Burnthwaite and through the fields following the Moses Trod path.

Where it rises up toward Sty Head Pass, keep in the valley by the stream and follow it round to the bottom of the obvious ravine on the right that is Piers Gill. Walk along the bottom of the ravine but don’t be tempted to go too far as the gill becomes a severe rock climb.

Instead, explore the wild and untamed environment. You can go back the way you came, or for a full mountain day, follow the rocky path to the left of the gill which leads up to Scafell Pike and then back to the car park by the ‘Tourist Route’ down Brown Tongue.

The way in to Piers Gill is easy but it leads to potential danger and discomfort. Sometimes things in life can be like that, appearing attractive but leading to dead ends.
How do you avoid dead ends and stay on the best path?
Have you ever looked for guidance in the Bible?