Blea Tarn and Side Pike

Shake it off


Blea Tarn and Side Pike
0.25 - 2 miles
190m ascent
Mostly good paths.
50mins - 1hr 30mins

Blea Tarn and Side Pike

South Western Area OS Map OL6. Start grid ref: 296043

Blea Tarn is a well-known beauty spot, but its reputation is well deserved. Parking is available on the opposite side of the road to the tarn, from which a large track leads down toward the tarn.

Descend from the track to the shore of the tarn to experience the tranquillity of this jewel of the Lakes. You can return the way you came, or for the full walk, follow the track on the far side of the tarn to eventually cross the road and take the path up to Side Pike.

Return back down a little way and take the path to the left, traversing round the hill to The Squeeze, a place where you might need to take your back pack off to squeeze through. As you do so, think about what other things you might need to ‘shake off’ to enjoy being in this place. Then follow the path back down to the road and your starting point.

At the start of the walk, find something that floats, like a branch or leaf, and set it to sail on the tarn. Silently or out loud, name your worries, concerns, or stresses and let them float away with the object, so you can continue your walk free of burdens.
When you get home, remember the object floating away and give your concerns over to God. You might be surprised how ‘unburdened’ you’ll feel.